I am Rahul Dua, a 22 year old chemical engineer-to-be from University of Waterloo (go Warriors!) currently finishing my final undergraduate year. Some people call me "Raul" but the "h" is not silent.

It just kinda stuck around.

When I am not busy finishing up assignments, I am usually reading about things that I find interesting or writing about them. You can check out my awesome work here.


My last internship was with PWO Canada, a subsidiary of the PWO AG Group. PWO is a world class manufacturer and dealer of automotive parts. Working as a Business Systems Analyst, my responsibility was to help achieve PWO-CA's business goals and objectives. I did so by bringing improvements in manufacturing processes through enhancement in technology and organizational changes.

Being part of the Organizational Intelligence team, I had a unique opportunity to directly interface with the core divisions of a manufacturing business.
I worked on:

  • Continuous improvement projects with Logistics, Production, and General Maintenance
  • Reducing shop order routing issues with Planning and Scheduling
  • Coordinating between Purchasing, Process Engineering, and Vendors for procuring 3D Automation systems

A few of the key projects that I was personally involved with included implementation of an entire RFQ system, development of Key Users in Production department for enhanced controlling, reorganizing maintenance tool crib through application of Kanban principles to reduce time spent in tool hunting, and bringing a 3% increase in production efficiency across the production floor by analyzing controlling data and discovering solutions to minimize downtime.

I was introduced to SAP ERP system and in-house MES and Sales systems which I heavily utilized for delivering results. I am well-versed in both BP1 and BP2 organizational structures and understand the essence of manufacturing:

I have previously worked at:

  1. National Research Council Canada as a Research Assistant in the Energy, Mining, and Environment portfolio
  2. Rakuten Kobo as a Systems Administrator
  3. Kaleidescape as an Operations Engineer
  4. Support Specialist at University of Waterloo